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Sunday, October 29, 2006

the importance of being nosy

As many of you may or may not know, my full time job is being a student. Even though I love learning, and having someone else foot the bill so I can stay in Neverland are two HUGE perks, I wouldn't keep studying this stuff if it wasn't interesting. Have I shared what I'm studying?

Counseling psychology. Not so very different from the more familiar clinical psychology.

I've found a way to make money being nosy. Perfect.

But being nosy definitely has it's downsides.

For example, I had to go to school on Friday to catch up on some work, and visit the health center to get some immunizations/vaccinations. (the Hep B and Tetanus, for those of you who are especially nosy). While I'm filling out my paperwork, an undergrad sidles up to the window. He asks about getting student health insurance now (the deadline was about 3 weeks ago) because he's got "sort of an emergency." The lady at the desk asks, what kind? And he dramatically leans over towards the plastic window and says "is there somewhere we can talk in... private?" She asks him to take a seat, and then it's my turn. I hand in the paperwork, find out they've lost my appointment, and while they're trying to figure that one out, the young man with the secret hush hush 'emergency' is behind me, certainly NOT respecting MY privacy, with ants in his pants. A nurse finally came over to talk to him in "private" about his "emergency" which I have to think has something to do with the "ants in his pants."

Because really... what kind of "private emergency" does an undergrad boy have that doesn't involve his family jewels?

Anyway. I'm alive. Studying. Thinking about renaming this blog "not much knitting"



Blogger maryse said...

awww, they grow up so fast...

i hope the ants in his pants problem isn't too serious


10/30/06, 6:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm kind of surprised an undergrad doesn't have health insurance already, either from his parents or required by the school. At any rate, sounds like he needs to learn some manners, as well as common sense!

10/30/06, 8:11 AM  
Anonymous Carrie K said...

Oh, now I'm just dying to know what he had. The downside of being nosy. One doesn't find out always.

That might be one reason why I really like my job. You get such a window into people's lives.

10/30/06, 11:02 AM  
Blogger Cathi said...

Scratch undergrad from that question- I think it applies to all men, and even then, I think it deserves the qualifier of 'when it won't get stiff' or 'something so obviously wrong that the object of their affection won't touch it'. I'm the same as the next person, don't super-love going to the doctor, but it seems like guys are even worse.....

10/30/06, 1:23 PM  
Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

makes me think of that gray anat. when the guy couldn't get rid of his , ummm, well you know ;)

11/3/06, 12:21 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Hmm, insurance not important until the jewels are theatened?!

Um, yeah, "not so much knitting" is totally the theme of my blog. HELLO! More cat pictures will do the trick. Trust me on this one.

11/7/06, 8:44 PM  

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