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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Separation Anxiety

It's supposed to be for babies/toddlers/young children, right? A sign of "insecure" or "disorganized" attachment, according to some developmental psychology theories. I mean, it is normal for most kids to go through a period of it for a bit, but you're supposed to grow out o fit.

I am having mixed feelings. I am SO happy and excited to get out to Colorado to visit my peeps and to go to Camp WannaKnitKnit 4. But I'm also very nervous leaving my sweet babies again. The last trip I took, I came home to a very very sick kitty. I can't go through that again. I have a cat sitter coming, who will feed and check on them every day. I am telling myself to chill out, chillax, but I probably won't feel completely better until I come home.

Summer classes are over (YAY!, so the rest of my summer looks much better. I will see clients (and get paid!), do research, and... and... have TIME OFF. I am only scheduled for 32 hours per week for the rest of the summer. WOO HOO! I took this week and part of next week off. It's been great to have TIME to do stuff, like buy a couple new pairs of pants, get a pedicure, and go to the bank. Sounds like such little things, but... they make me happy.

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Blogger Chris said...

Have a great trip! I can COMPLETELY understand about the fear of leaving your babies. *hug*

6/27/08, 6:14 AM  
Blogger WandaWoman said...

They are going to be fine. Having a catsitter will help to give you some peace of mind.Can't wait to see you!

6/27/08, 8:21 AM  
Anonymous elisa said...

I truly understand your anxiety about leaving your babies. The day I got back from Rhinebeck last year was the day we learned that Allie had a hernia. I walked in the door, she reached up to greet me and yelped. I felt the hernia and felt so awful for her. I've been scared to leave her ever since because of the fear that something bad will happen to her if I'm not there.

So, yeah, I get it.

I'm sure that your cat sitter will be a good schmoo, though, and Cyn, tap into the rest of the Boston crowd - they'll understand, and I'm sure you could find someone who would help you out, too.

Have a GREAT trip.

6/27/08, 9:45 AM  
Anonymous maryse said...

hey, can you email me? i have a professional question to ask you. and i can't find your email address.


have a great time. you're only away for a short time. they'll be just fine. if you're that nervous though, the boston cat hospital is great for boarding.

6/27/08, 10:54 AM  
Anonymous Carrie K said...

It's the little things in life that are the most joyful anyway, right?

And don't feel bad. I'm such a freak about my cat that when I left Sheba for four days? I hired a *nanny to come stay in the house with her and do all the kitty stuff.

*Reliable steady teenager who was quite happy to play house and lived up to all my expectations and none of my fears. Sadly she's grown up more and had the nerve to to away to college. Now I can't leave. ;)

Have fun! It's not likely they'll have any problems. Cosmo's all stabilized, isn't he?

6/27/08, 12:03 PM  
Blogger Oiyi said...

I know how you feel. I think that is the reason we haven't flown anywhere ever since we got the first dog. I feel like we know our dogs the best(all their quirky ways and needs), so I really don't feel comfortable having someone else take care of them.

Enjoy your time off.

6/28/08, 12:55 AM  

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