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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thankfully, close only counts with hand grenades and horseshoes...

First of all, thanks to all of you for the support, positive vibes, thoughts, prayers, etc etc. for my Cosmo. I was in tears just thinking of all the people pulling for my Cosmo. I tried to reply to everyone, but some of you well-wishers were either lurkers, or sent over by Chris and I didn't have your email addresses stored in my gmail account... so let me publicly thank all of you.

Since I posted Wednesday night, lots has happened...
News update: He did not have the procedure done. His enzyme levels spiked, indicating that something was wrong. They thought he might have an obstructed gall bladder, but the ultrasound showed that his gall bladder has decided NOT to play follow the leader, and is perfectly fine. I'm not sure I could've kept going if his gall bladder was also having problems (um, I'm not sure it would have been up to me, b/c the vet said that the only treatment for obstructed gall bladder is surgery, and he would not have survived). SO. Good news. No obstructed gall bladder. We only have to worry about the liver and the ketones, mostly. (supposedly the pancreatitis will resolve itself as the diabetes and liver are brought under control).

They inserted a feeding tube through his nose instead. They'll see if things improve and he gets strong enough for the other kind of feeding tube on Saturday. His ketone levels have improved considerably (the range is from 0-4. Should be at 0. he was at 4 when admitted. Currently is at 1). Additionally, he purred for me today!! I took a felted woolen mousie and his brush. He purred while I brushed him and gave him scritches, so I am heartily encouraged.

That was all yesterday... Today, his ketones level dropped down to zero, which is the normal, healthy level. YAY! The bad news was that his blood pressure has dropped. However, every visit, he's more alert. Every day, he's moving a bit more. A bit stronger. So the plan is to put the e-tube in tomorrow morning. He'll be able to get more nutrients into his body, which should speed up his rate of recovery.

Meanwhile, I feel like right now, all I ever talk about is my cats. And my cats' toilet habits. I was, of course, mostly worried to death about Cosmo, but began worrying about Danger too, since he decided to stop pooping. My babies are boys, and they usually don't let me forget it. They're regular. Like clockwork. Every day. They produce. Before I left for Chicago, Cosmo was the one who became a bit irregular (they have their own preferred deposit location for their goods. Upper left of the box is Cosmo's spot... right smack dab in the middle of the box is Danger's spot. Wow, that's SO TMI). Since Tuesday, I have not had to scoop. Every morning, I look hopefully for a deposit... as if it was a golden goose egg instead of a stinky stinky. I called the vet this morning, and he recommended some hairball remedy (since it's mostly mineral oil... gets the insides all lubed up) or some bran or metamucil to help with fiber content. I gave him a bit of the hairball remedy this morning, and he's finally left a little pile of love for me. Never thought I'd be so happy to see some poop. Aren't you glad you tuned into the Cosmo and Danger channel of geriatric cathood?

Seriously folks, thanks so much for all the good thoughts for my furbaby Cosmo. He's getting better!

ps. I finished and blocked Print O The Wave. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Will find some sunlight and take pics. I SWEAR.

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Blogger Chris said...

*happy improving Cosmo dance* Yay! I'm so glad to hear that!! And I'm glad that Danger's insides are moving again, but you don't get a happy dance for that one. ;) But I DO know exactly what you mean about boy kitties and their spots of production.

3/15/08, 7:50 AM  
Blogger WandaWoman said...

I'm glad to hear that Cosmo is improving. I was asking Tif about your cats last night. Glad they are both doing better. I'm sure this is a huge relief to you too. We definitely need to see a pic of the finished Print O' The Wave!

3/15/08, 9:23 AM  
Anonymous Carrie K said...

What is Print o the Wave compared to Danger pooping and Cosmo improving vastly? NOTHING. I am SO happy to hear about Cosmo. Yay! Here's hoping your boy comes home Monday! Are they still concerned about diabetes? I suppose he needs to get a little nutrients first.

3/15/08, 4:10 PM  
Blogger michaele said...

Oh man, I can't wait for the day when poop in the cat box is exciting!!!

Glad to hear things are "moving along" for both kitties...

3/15/08, 4:23 PM  
OpenID doublehelix said...

Oh, the secret life of cats! I'm glad to hear that Cosmo is improving.

3/15/08, 6:59 PM  
Blogger Oiyi said...

It's not too much TMI. Those kinds of conversations became normal between me and my hubby after we got our fur babies. And now this conversation has extended to talking about the baby.

3/16/08, 9:47 AM  
Blogger Brigitte said...

Oh, such good news! Yay!

(Came over from Chris' site, and glad I did! Yes, even with the poop news.)

3/17/08, 6:07 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Teach me to get behind on reading blogs. I really really hope things are going well with those two. I know how much they mean to you. Best wishes, get well vibes, and everything else coming your kitties way!

3/17/08, 8:10 AM  
Anonymous Cordelia said...

That is fantastic news! Purring & poop, all in one entry :-)
Yay for healthy cats!

3/17/08, 9:08 AM  
Blogger dale-harriet said...

We ain't lettin' up on the incense around here just yet but it's DIVINE hearing about the improvements AND the poop! (Heck - my 1st baby was very premature, a teetiny little thing; in the morning after her birth she weighed 2"11oz! But she had left a little poopy ...being too small for a diaper...and there was a par-TAY because it showed her inner tubes were attached as they shoulda been!) I'm good at celebratig poop. (My girls are both "pee in the absolute corner of the boxes" kinda gals too - no idea why). GO COSMO, the cheerleaders are wavin' pompoms in your general direction!

3/17/08, 9:30 AM  
Anonymous Rebekah said...

I'm so glad your seeing improvement. I hope so much that you continue to have solid improvements each hour.

Oh and my father would add to your title, and atomic bombs. (my father is strange)

3/17/08, 10:38 AM  
Blogger StarSpry said...

I'm so glad to hear that Cosmo has been improving!! And I'm glad Danger has become a bit more "regular" :)

I really hope Cosmo can come home with you soon!

3/17/08, 11:59 AM  
Blogger Traceyleezle said...

So glad Cosmo is feeling better and Danger is "on the move" again.

3/17/08, 12:00 PM  
Anonymous Sydney said...

Yay Cosmo! Just keep on improving, okay? I know what you mean about worrying about the others when one is sick. Every time one of my crew gets sick, I become a poop watcher. ;)

3/17/08, 7:02 PM  
Blogger knitseashore said...

Came over again from Chris' site -- thank you for the update!! I am so glad Cosmo is better. That is wonderful news. Hopefully he can come home very soon now.

I think we have *all* been there at one time or another with our pets, so don't give another thought about the TMIs. Besides, I have a feeling I'm about to go through it again with my new cat, sigh. Vet appt. for "stinkiness" is next week. :)

3/18/08, 12:21 PM  

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