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As you might guess, I'm a bit impatient. I had hoped that picking up a pair of knitting needles would help me learn about the virtue of patience... but it seems I just want my projects to go along as quickly as possible.

Sunday, February 13, 2005


I have some friends who like to run marathons. I think I just got a small taste of what it feels like to run one, and I gotta say...they're crazy. Not that I did any actual running, mind you, but I spent 6 days on campus, went up to the foothills twice, and managed to get some knitting it too!!

My next confession might not be the best thing to admit... but I am not a fan of processing thoughts. I don't mind getting a few different points of view, but some people like to think the rest of the class NEEDS to hear every little thought that flits through their minds. WHY? Why would they think that what they think is SO freaking important that we all need to hear it? Let's say it all together. ENTITLEMENT. And what's wrong with the professors that let the class take over classtime with the processing?

So, Sarita and Cathi think I can manage the clapotis. I would love to make one, in a variegated yarn, preferably a lighter weight than worsted. I'm going to let myself fawn over yarns online, until i finish another project. So...any suggestions as to yarn are greatly appreciated. I've looked at knit picks (Andean silk twist), and Brooks Farm Yarns, of which I really like the San Marcos and Desert colorways in Harmony.


Blogger Sarita said...

I had the same question - what yarn for the Clapotis? Lorna's Lace is incredibly beautiful but incredibly out of my budget. So, I asked Kate and she said - anything that is smooth basically. Nothing fluffy, mohairy, fancy because you need to be able to drop the stitchs later on. Also, you can make it as long or as wide as you would like. I ended up buying a bunch of yarn on sale and knowing that was ALL that I had to work with - I did the increase rows with 1 skein - 5 skeins for the straight - leaving 1 for the end. Mine ended up being thinner than others but it is nice and long and cozy.

So... choose whatever yarn suits your fancy. Something you will want wrapped around your neck. Something that you want to stare at in the mirror. Something that catches eyes.....have fun:)

2/14/05, 2:02 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

I did my clapotis out of Lorna's Laces Shepard Sport. It's far more cost efficient than the Lion and Lamb that the pattern calls for, and it turned out wonderfully.

I agree with Sarita. Use what you want wrapped around you neck and that you want to see in the mirror.

2/14/05, 12:55 PM  

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