"I hate waiting."

As you might guess, I'm a bit impatient. I had hoped that picking up a pair of knitting needles would help me learn about the virtue of patience... but it seems I just want my projects to go along as quickly as possible.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Eye-brow and low brow humor.

Re-tardy. That should've been the title. I'm tardy and a tard.

Item #1
Flashing my stash. I'm still down one purple/pink smaller lug-a-long, but it'll have to wait til I get back from the East Coast.

Counter-clock from upper left: Rowan DK Cotton, Berroco Glace, Artful Yarns, CE Provence, and Cascade Yarn Pearls.

CC from upper left: odds and ends (Manos & CE Lush), katia tank yarn (Elsbeth Lavold Tweed), scarves in progress (CE Wings and Cascade Shimmer), Jo Sharp Tweed, Cotton Ease (tempting), and sock yarns (Cherry Tree, Koigu, Sockotta)

Mostly feltable wool (some brown sheep seconds, cascade 220, and misc).

Ahem. I've done quite well over the last couple of months, no??

Item #2
The socks are finito. I had meant to take a pic of me wearing them, showing off the ever attractive cankle syndrome that occurs when one wears toasty toes socks. Alas, I forgot.

Upon successful completion, and some urging from Wanda, I joined the beginner's group of Sockapal2za. Here goes another try at a KAL. Perhaps a deadline, and knowing that someone will be expecting something will give me the motivation I need to be successful at one of these suckers.

Item #3
Tank tops.
WOE the fuck is me. The brown criss cross tank is being ripped tonight. I'm just about to the arm and neck shaping (about 4.5 cables in) and I realize...huh...gee whiz, I don't remember doing any SHAPING on this FUCKER! (pardonnez moi pour la fucking francais, but I'm pretty pissed at myself). So, I'll snap a pic of it before it gets ripped. When you've got boobies, you can't get away with not shaping your garments.

In my time of great sorrow, i decided to cast on for another tank top. (The truth is, the call of the new yarn was irresistable). The cascade yarn pearls is like the greek mythology sirens ( - it's the newest yarn acquired, ok?).

Edit: After a round table discussion with Wanda, Cathi, and Jenifer, it's been decided I should finish the tank w/o ripping. Since I conveniently forgot both decreases and increases for shaping, I'm actually right on for the width for the bustline.

Item #4
The need for relaxation in traffic... in order to calm myself down today (I was already suffering from pre-aggravation stress, caused by needing to find a dress to wear to the wedding this weekend), I was playing with my newly waxed eyebrows. One up, one down. Both up, one down. How come the one on the left can't go up independently of the right? I should be feeling good, since I had a day of beauty. Hair coloring, waxing of many body parts... The traffic managed to negate any sort of relaxing meditation I had managed while getting all hair ripped out of my skin.

Item #5
I met up with the knitting crew at St. Mark's tonight. Cathi had the brilliant idea to invite all the MHCKnitters...at a great coffee shop that's open late. We had issues with space, since there were 9 of us. Amy, Wanda, Stacey, Lesley, Libby, Cathi, Jenifer, Mishaele (whom I met tonight!), and I crowded around tables inside, oohing and ahhing over everyone's projects. All the pics I took were horrid, so please check their blogs for pics. We ended the night at Pasquini's...b/c have you HAD the bread?

Last but not least: I'm off for NY, PA, and DC tomorrow. I'll be back on Wed evening, hopefully with something to show for all those hours on a plane. Don't expect me to visit any LYS, since none of the people I'm visiting knit or crochet!!


Blogger Jon said...

Have a good trip! I'm still waiting to meet you!

6/10/05, 8:12 AM  
Anonymous Laura said...

Oh I have such stash envy! You think that you don't have much of a stash, but you really do. I hope to have half the stash you do someday. Oh I'm jealous!

6/10/05, 1:42 PM  
Anonymous Libby said...

Have a great trip, girly!

6/10/05, 4:01 PM  
Anonymous Kristen said...

Have a great trip!

6/11/05, 5:58 AM  
Blogger Jenifer said...

Bon voyage ... bring back lots of yarn for us to oogle ... and I forgot to ask if you're going to get a chance to see the "Yarn Bus" (from Flying Fingers). See ya!

6/11/05, 1:40 PM  
Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

have a good trip! glad you didn't frog the tank, can't wait to see pic! wanna see the canckle socks:)

6/11/05, 9:27 PM  

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