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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Mail Time!!

Here's the mail, it never fails, when it comes, it makes me want to wag my tail....


So, maybe someone has been watching Blue's Clues. Maybe.

Lookie what my SP sent me! Her sense of humor is funny, isn't it?
But what a great way to address a secret piece of mail...

Speaking of which, I've been having a blast with this round of SP. Not only has
the pal spoiling me already sent me a card and a e-card, but the person I'm spoiling is so much fun to get to know.

On to other mail...

How surprised was I to get a package slip last night, saying I had something from Amazon.com waiting for me? I went bright and early this morning to pick up my package, and ripped into the box to find out who it was from! See the name on the "bill to:" part? Joanne gifted me with Wrap Style for answering the lyric challenge correctly. I met Joanne this summer, not even 2 months ago, and i have to say, she embodies the "you'll never meet a more generous person than a knitter" saying that I've heard. Not only does she generously help us at knitting groups with what must seem like stupid knitting problems, but she even offers to help us learn the HARD stuff like Fair Isle and Intarsia. What a doll. Sneaky too! (as Laura knows...)

Life news: I got my last admissions packet in the mail this week, so I'm making bundles of recommendations forms for my professors. Six schools have the opportunity to welcome me to their programs, most of which are East Coast schools. Teacher's College at Columbia University, NYU, Boston College, Fordham, Seton Hall, and Loyola University are the schools to which I'm applying, and Teacher's College is my top choice. Now... I'm a lucky lucky duck. I found out this past week that a professor in my master's program is friends with the Department Chair at Teacher's College and that he'd like to help me with my application.

Other life news: In my master's program, I have to complete both a practicum (which I'm doing now) and an internship. In internship, I need to have 180 client contact hours with couples or families, plus another 60 of whatever kind of client contact hours I can muster up (either individual or family hours). I really wanted to do my internship at Safehouse in Boulder, which focuses on Domestic violence issues, and social justice. I had an interview on Thursday morning, and guess what? Still a lucky duck, b/c they asked me to intern there at the end of the interview.

Now, who's gonna join me in Boulder for the Knit Out tomorrow morning? Wanda and I are carpooling, and I hope to see some of you there!


Anonymous Wanda said...

Oh goody! I'm glad your SP is already spoiling you. That bodes well for the rest of the SP6 experience.

So I've already found out why you're needing to learn more about Boulder! See ya in the a.m.!

9/24/05, 1:03 AM  
Anonymous AmyB said...

Congrats on your internship! Sounds so exciting-- and to being spoiled by such a thoughtful secret pal... hooray. :) Have you gotten any treats for your feet from your sock buddy?

9/24/05, 6:35 AM  
Blogger Impossible Princess said...

im loving my sp too...I can't wait till me next package!

9/24/05, 12:11 PM  
Anonymous marti said...

i love boulder, it is a great place! wish i could join you! congrats on all the internship stuff.

9/24/05, 12:47 PM  
Anonymous Jena said...

Hey, I have all of the pieces of your package together! Problem is... tomorrow's Sunday. :) I'll do my best to get it out in Monday's mail... I can't wait for you to get it!

9/24/05, 6:40 PM  
Anonymous Cordelia said...

SP goodies & university ins & perfect internships, oh my! You _are_ a lucky, lucky duck.
Blues Clues is good. [I met Steve. Very exciting. ;-)]

9/24/05, 7:11 PM  
Blogger Jenifer said...

Hi Cynthia -- Yay, you'll be in Boulder more often! I think Safehouse is such a good organization. Can't wait to hear who your SP is. :)

9/25/05, 9:15 AM  
Blogger Cathi said...

Hooray for mail goodies! And congrats on the internship.

9/25/05, 12:08 PM  
Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

sounds like someone had an awesome day!!!! ;) how sneaky is that SP huh? and wrap style is suppose to a great pattern book! how do you like it?

9/25/05, 8:21 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Congrats on the internship! And keeping my fingers crossed for you on the NYU application. Lucky duck. :D

9/26/05, 10:35 AM  

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