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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Boston Bound

I realize I've been posting a measly once a week for the last several months... but I've only just managed to keep my head above water this semester. Internship (40 hrs a week), class, interviewing for PhD programs, and life in general has been busier than a bee in a bonnet. I'm considering having a baby so I can gain access to all those extra hours in the day that some mommies must have, in order to be so freaking productive.

In knitterly news, some of you (aka Jon) will be relieved to hear that I have NOT been kicked out of the Stash-A-Long. I think I slipped by on a technicality, b/c I did state that gifts were an exception. I've got 51 hours, 15 minutes, and 30 seconds left before I can go yarn shopping for myself... not that I'm keeping track or anything.

I've been working on my Ene when i get a chance, but she's only made about 10 rows of progress since I last took a picture.

And, in larger life news, I got a call yesterday from Boston College, asking if I was still interested. They couldn't make me an official offer, but wanted to let me know that I was next up on the alternate list... and that they should be able to let me know something in the next 24 hours...

I got a call today from the director of training, making me an official offer to enter the doctoral program for counseling psychology at Boston College! I've finally confessed to my parents about applying... the conversation went something like this (thank the powers that be that my mother answered the phone)

Me: hey mom... did you get my tax info that I sent? (and yes, my mother does my taxes. She's an accountant)

Mom: yes... you know that you need to pay your property tax in May, right? Don't forget to do that next year either. (like they wouldn't remind me next year).

Me: well, uhm.... what if we sold the condo before then?

Mom: why would we do that?

Me: because I might be in Boston for school.

Mom: oh, really? Boston... that's a dangerous city, isn't it?

Dad: grumbling in the background.

Mom: Dad wants to know, are there programs for you to go to in Boston?

Me: Tell him, no. I'm just gonna make up a pretend PhD program when I get to Boston.

Mom: hahaha. Yeah, your dad does like to ask some stupid questions, doesn't he?

Dad: grumbling in background

Mom: well, that means we'll have to make a trip to Boston to see where you should live. ....

and more details she questioned me about for which I had no answers.

So... anyone have any suggestions about convenient locations to search for a condo in Boston (near BC or the "T" would be best). Most importantly, anyone want to email me a list of LYS in Boston? And... anyone want a 2 bed/ 2 bath condo in Denver?


Blogger Chris said...

Congrats, Cyn!! Woot-woot!!

Ye gads, talk about moving into the thick of the knitblogging community. I think that you'll have NO PROBLEMS at all there. Except maybe me crashing on your couch. ;)

3/29/06, 9:15 PM  
Blogger Alex said...

Hi - I just randomly surfed over here, and I used to live in Boston! The yarn stores I can think of right now are Woolcott (Harvard Square), Newbury Yarns, and Windsor Button, but I think there's another one in Jamaica Plain somewhere. And there are a LOT of knitters (and knit-bloggers) in town. As for where to live... well, I actually lived in Cambridge/Somerville so I don't know the BC area that well, but Brookline is quite nice. Good luck and congrats on grad school!

3/29/06, 9:18 PM  
Blogger Scoutj said...

Wow! How exciting! A pretend PhD program! ;)

3/29/06, 9:18 PM  
Blogger Wanda said...

Congratulations girlfriend! I'm so happy for you, even though I will so miss you. I guess a trip to Boston will be in order for next year. I'm glad you held out for the program you really wanted! It cracks me up that you didn't tell your parents until you were accepted. I love your Mom's response about your dad too. That's totally hilarious!

3/30/06, 5:29 AM  
Anonymous sharon said...

I am really happy for you! Boston is a great place. The LYS stores will love you! Primed to buy after the stash a long is over...don't buy to much here it will be less to ship! I think I will miss the most your conversations. I did most of the listening but enjoyed it just the same.

3/30/06, 7:55 AM  
Anonymous michaele said...

congratuliations! I'm sorry to have to lose you just as I am coming back to CO (and, no, I am not looking to buy right now, sorry), but I am glad it is for such a great opportunity!!!

you might want to look a little at property values in Boston... it's MUCH MUCH more expensive than Denver. In grad school, I split a 4 bed, 1 bath apartment in crappy condition nowhere near the T in Cambridge for $2200/month. And that was 7 years ago. Good luck!

3/30/06, 7:57 AM  
Anonymous marti said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I am really excited to hear your news.

3/30/06, 8:04 AM  
Anonymous Bookish Wendy said...


Um, I have a condo for you!!! Far on the T, as you found out...but there may be a quicker route. And driving there? 15 minutes...tops.

You're going to want to be hyper-aware of how long the green line t takes. we can talk about this offline though...


3/30/06, 8:05 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

Congrats on Boston--I'm thrilled for you. I can't wait to see all that East Coast yarn you acquire :)

Babies just make you prioritize more, I think(plus if you don't do something for yourself when you have kids you'll go nuts!).

I know that I'll be shopping on Saturday--I think that String and A Knitted Peace will be part of the day :)

3/30/06, 9:02 AM  
Anonymous Stacey said...

Congrats Cynthia! I'm so glad that you got offered a place that you wanted to go...and I love your mom's reaction! I agree with Wanda, we may just have to make a trip out there next year!! I'm so excited for you...but of course you know that you will be greatly missed!

3/30/06, 9:21 AM  
Anonymous Rebekah said...

I have always wanted to live on the East Coast. I love history, and there's so much more of it in the buildings on the east coast then in the Midwest. Of course there is some here where I live, like Cahokia Mounts, but still, we always want what we don't have.

3/30/06, 9:26 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Well that conversation doesn't sound like it went too bad. Yeah. I'm really excited for you about all this.
Did Michaele's post give you a heart attack? Yowsa! A trip to visit is absolutly in order. :D

3/30/06, 10:27 AM  
Blogger Kristen said...

Congratulations!! That is so exciting. Woo Hoo

3/30/06, 12:18 PM  
Blogger Jae said...

Way to go! You must be feeling some relief now that the wait is over.

3/30/06, 2:09 PM  
Blogger Cathi said...

Congrats! What wonderful news!

3/30/06, 2:43 PM  
Blogger celia said...

Congrats! Sorry, can't afford your condo in Denver, but make sure you get a large enough one in Bston, ok? Once you locate the local yarn pushers, and work out which ones are the good ones, I'm coming over! Oh, you also have to find some good dumpling eateries ;)

Congrats again!!!!!!

3/30/06, 5:04 PM  
Blogger Mini said...

I live here in Boston and we pay about $1200 a month for our 1br apartment, about 20 minutes outside the city, without "direct" access. You can look in Newton(where I live), which abbuts BC campus. Renting might be your best option until you find something. MOst people can afford to purchase outside the 128 belt (this highway that half circles the city). It's v. expensive. My brother and his wife paid $450k for a 2br condo about 1.5 hours from the city. She commutes about 1 hour 20 minutes each way. Some condos are cheaper,but beware! Allston/Brighton are GREAT, but poor plumbing, Bed bugs (yup, I said it) and a large "student" population make it loud, crowded and v. dirty in some areas. If you have a car... try Watertown/Brookline (you will rent--- too$$$$$$ to buy- over 800k) and be prepared for some V. small places. LYS's here are great: Circles, Wolcott, Windsor Button, Spark, Newbury Yarn, two places inNewton, WEBS is a short drive into the Western part of the state (~2 hours).

Feel free to email if you have any questions! I love Boston --- it's been my home for almost 30 years!

4/3/06, 8:40 AM  
Blogger maryse said...

ok -- mini's comment kind of scared me a little. and might have scared you. brighton is great. allston a little less. i lived in brighton for 5 years with an awesome view of BC out of my livingroom window. oak square in brighton is also very quaint, neighborhoody. newton is outrageously expensive. brookline slightly less. sections of brighton abut brookline so you get the neighborhood but 50K cheaper.

i think right now boston is a renter's market -- so maybe renting might be the way to go until you find your perfect neighborhood. it'll definitely be more expensive than denver though.

4/3/06, 8:46 AM  

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