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Sunday, March 18, 2007


I really liked the look of this pattern as soon as the new Knitty issue went online, but I thought to myself...

"self, it's a mighty purty pattern, but you already have two other socks on the needles , what makes you think you'll knit on a third pair? Much less a pair that's for KNEE highs? Are you completely INSANE?"

to which I thought... "yes. yes I am completely insane. I want to make them. NOW."

Unfortunately, I never ever thought I would be knitting knee high socks, so I don't have enough sock yarn for a pair. I thought, "good, then it gives me a great excuse as to why I only knit ONE."

In reality, if I love the pattern and am not totally sick of it about halfway through the first one, I'll buy another ball of this yarn at Webs, which is where I bought the yarn in the first place.

Yep. I've been knitting almost non stop on this pattern since Friday night. A few hours here and there for cleaning the apartment, grocery shopping, and homework, but other than that... obsessed.

I made some changes to the pattern, to accommodate my large calves.

I cast on 16 extra stitches (for 92 sts instead of 76) and after the 1.5 inches of ribbing, I did the following increase row as follows

instead of

Next Round: K2, [p2, m1, k2, m1] 4 times, p2, [k2, m1, p2, m1] 5 times, k2, [p2, m1, k2, m1] 4 times, p2, [k2, m1, p2, m1] 4 times. 110 sts.

I did:
Next Round: K2, [p2, m1, k2, m1] 4 times, p2, k2, p2 [k2, m1, p2, m1] 5 times, k2, p2, k2 [p2, m1, k2, m1] 4 times, p2, k2, p2 [k2, m1, p2, m1] 4 times, k2, p2. 110 sts.

I ignored the directions for how to arrange my stitches on the needles, b/c I didn't have the brain energy to figure it out. I just followed the directions and arranged them as I went. Just like the pattern, says, instead of k11 on the sides of the sock, I am knitting k19.

Then, when I got to the leg decrease section instead of
Leg Decrease Round 1: K5, k2tog, k4, work in pattern to last marker on Needle 3, k4, k2tog, k5; work in pattern to end. 108 sts.

I knit:
Leg Decrease Round 1: K9, k2tog, k8, work in pattern to last marker on Needle 3, k8, k2tog, k9; work in pattern to end. 124 sts.

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Anonymous Kristin said...

Great pattern choice! I love this Spring issue of Knitty. It seems to have so much great stuff.

3/18/07, 1:06 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Thanks for sharing your modifications!! I, too, have calves a bit more "shapely" than those of the model/pattern. :)

3/18/07, 1:08 PM  
Blogger Glenna C said...

Great post, Cynthia!
Would you mind if I posted a link to this in the KAL blog sidebar? it might be helpful for future KAL-ers working increases ;)
The yarn is gorgeous, what kind is it?

3/18/07, 2:39 PM  
Blogger jill said...

Sounds like you have it all figured out! ;o) I love the color of yours, just B-E-A-UTIFUL!

Should I not tell you that I'm down to the ankle pattern rounds on mine now? :::ducking away in case of swatting::: lol

3/18/07, 6:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved that pattern too!!! I am thinking of saving it to knit for socks to wear under a wedding dress someday. I thought it would be pretty for that. :)

3/18/07, 10:51 PM  
Anonymous cristina said...

an interesting glimpse inside of cyn cyns brain...

3/19/07, 12:44 AM  
Blogger gabriella said...

hey cynthia! i'm so sorry i didn't get back to you right away - was having yahoo troubles (haha, not THAT kind of yahoo - you know what i mean!). anyway - very glad you figured out how to do the increases/decreases - and thanks for posting it on the KAL for other folks! i knew you guys would come up with some excellent solutions and tricks. can't wait to see them! ~gabriella :)

3/19/07, 7:15 AM  
Anonymous Rebekah said...

You are much braver then I, I don't think I'd have the patience for knee highs, no matter how much I liked the pattern.

3/19/07, 2:34 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Wow!! Looks awesome. What pattern are you thinking of for the second sock?

3/19/07, 2:37 PM  
Blogger Terby said...

They are beautiful. When you get there, I'd really like to hear about the fit. I also have shapely calves (they go well with my stubby legs - heh) and don't tend to like knee socks. But they're gorgeous, and I understand the love.

3/20/07, 9:28 PM  
Blogger Oiyi said...

That is a nice red!

3/21/07, 2:37 PM  
Anonymous KnitSteph said...

I want to make those too, but they'll have to wait til I'm done with the ivory thigh high stockings with ankle clocks I'm working on now.

See..I'm even more insane than you.

3/27/07, 5:09 PM  
Anonymous Hilari said...

ooh thanks for the tip! i wanna make those socks, too, but was afraid i'd have trouble adapting the pattern for my legs!

4/12/07, 10:49 AM  
Anonymous Joanne said...

What a good-looking sock. I'm looking forward to seeing the pair of them.

I'm giving Wanda your Harmony yarn tonight and she'll bring it to Boston.

If you're nuts.... it's in the best meaning of the word!! :-)

4/13/07, 10:49 AM  
Blogger Knitting Bandit said...

Thanks for sharing your modifications, I'll use them for sure. I've been wanting to make these socks since I first saw them. I'm so excited to see from your blog there's a KAL. I'm struggling to find the right yarn--so now I can check'em all out!

4/17/07, 9:47 PM  
Blogger angelpix said...

Thanks for the modifications!

I'm jsut getting to the first decreases and i'm wondering how you distributed your decreases? I guess I'm confused where to put in the extra decrease rounds, did you decrease down to 108 stitches and then move on? or did you just do the 11 rounds of decreases and keep the foot a bit larger?

Help please?!

5/1/07, 8:33 AM  

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