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As you might guess, I'm a bit impatient. I had hoped that picking up a pair of knitting needles would help me learn about the virtue of patience... but it seems I just want my projects to go along as quickly as possible.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

First Friday Knit Night

Any english majors out there? I love alliteration, I like the texture of the words in my mouth when there's alliteration somewhere...but does knit and night qualify?

Thursday night, instead of cleaning and doing some cooking in preparation for Friday night, I went to the movies with Ms. Sheep in the City. Since we've both loved John Cusack since Say Anything, we went to go see Must Love Dogs. What a cute, funny movie!!! If we were any younger, we would've been shouting "Jinx! you owe me a coke" because we'd both have the same comments about certain scenes.

Anyhow, I had the MHCknitters over on Friday for First Friday. I had a full house, with Wanda, Stacey, Lesley, Shirley, Natalya, Theresa, Tami, Carrie and Anna. We ate and knit for awhile, then headed down Santa Fe for the art galleries. We got separated in the mayhem, but everyone keeps track of where they left their yarn! Some of us got back to my apartment earlier (too focused on knitting to stay and enjoy all the art, or in my case, feet hurt too much from cooking all day to keep walking), while others enjoyed more art and free wine.

Wanna see why I love my knitting crew?

Wanda had called me last week, sharing her find of some cotton ease. She knew I was on the hunt for the purple color, both for myself, and to use to make baby clothes for my expecting friends. The blueberry and white skeins were also for me...b/c you all know how discontinued yarn that's affordable becomes as valuable as platinum to us crafters.

Today, I went to go pick up my PACKAGES. Who doesn't love getting the package slip in their mailbox? Ok, I'd rather have the packages IN my mailbox, but you gotta sacrifice some luxuries when you live downtown.

Catherine gifted me with some beautiful wool, which she felt was too scratchy for wearing, which becomes my prize to felt. The color of this wool is so deep and rich. Thanks Catherine!!

The second package was from Angela, my needle exchange pal. Looky what she got me!

That's a tealight candle (green apple scent), some coconut lime verbena hand cream, and that cute CD case that's going to hold all my circular needles. But wait! There's More! (a la Ronco infomercials).

Inside the cute CD case that she personalized with the Hello Kitty iron on patch, the cute button pins (don't you love the mint green with sewed pink stars? even me, the pink hater, LOVES this button), I found a cute dog zine, a little rock star charm, the soundtrack to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and TWO pairs of circs (size 11s in 16", and size 4 in 29"). Seriously. Angela went a bit overboard spoiling me, but I'm not giving ANY of it back! it's all MINE MINE MINE!!

I sent off some packages myself today, and have a couple more for Monday as well. I hope the recipients like their packages as much as I love mine.
I'm looking forward to next week, since I'm house sitting and I get to pretend I have a dog! An AWESOME dog, that walks herself (seriously...she goes w/o a leash, b/c she'll stop and sit at all the intersections). The house has a great deck, with a grill, outdoor fireplace, and a HOT TUB for me to enjoy for 2 weeks while the owners galivant about Canada.

How was everyone else's weekends?


Blogger Dreamy said...

Hi! I'm glad you liked it. :) I had fun making it. :)


8/6/05, 8:32 PM  
Anonymous AmyB said...

Sounds like Friday night was a great time! I've always had a real thing for John Cusack, too-- imagine my thrill when my hubby turned out to be a tall, thin, dark-haired, handsome great guy from the midwest. :)

8/8/05, 2:55 PM  

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