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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

E vs I

Didn't I have a chat with all of you about the Myers-Briggs? Many are surprised that I come out introverted, b/c when I'm comfortable in a crowd of people I know, I can be a little bit of a ham. Once you see that the Introverts need time alone to 're-energize' though, it makes sense that I am an "I."

That's what I've been telling myself why I've not had a big night out on the town lately. Um, in a couple months. I know I've had a very social life lately, but almost none of it has involved any sort of interaction with a possible/likely romantic interest.

On to the actual knitting content.

progress on my Soleil tank. I was working on this tank last night at the second monthly meeting of the Littleton knit group.

Pics of the meeting:

That would be (L to R) Michelle, Terri, and Laura.
The Tattered Cover in Highlands Ranch is the most comfy knitting meetup
I've been to so far, with the exception of people hosting at their homes.
They had these awesome chairs that were RECLINERS. Thus, it has been decided that 8 is the perfect # of people to come to every meetup. The negatives? The place shuts down at 9pm. Hello? That's barely enough time to get my drink and knit a couple rows after oohing and aahing over what everyone else is working on. Hmph. I didn't even have time to purchase the new Interweave.

Laura, Stacey, and Wanda.

On Saturday, there were just three of us over here... Lesley, Stacey, and myself.

Oh, I'm sorry. Did you actually want to KNIT at a knit night? Ha ha. That's the same cat who's ear you see in the soleil pics. Cosmo. He's named after Kramer from Seinfeld. And yes, he's a bit hyper and intrusive of personal space, just like his namesake.

I realize I forgot to take pics of the OSW. Next time.


Anonymous Laura said...

OH pretty soleil! That was an interesting little quiz. I was 75% F and 55% j and the other two were low. I knew about the F but not about the j so much. I guess you learn something new about yourself everyday!

6/29/05, 1:30 PM  
Blogger CjSachiko said...

Soleil is an awesome pattern, isn't it? I love mine!

6/29/05, 1:45 PM  
Blogger Lynette said...

i wish i had a cozy place to knit near me.

6/29/05, 2:47 PM  
Blogger Carolyn B. said...

Tattered Covers looks like a fabulous place for your local knitting group to meet. (De-lurking here to comment; I'm enjoying your blog, which is one of my Bloglines.com subscriptions.)

FYI, I happened to notice that you had one minor issue that I experienced myself when I tinkered around with a dark page background; some buttons, webrings, and "friends of" images have white pixels that look weird around the edges when placed on a dark page. I needed a break from some work projects for a few minutes today to do some mindless desktop doodling, so I tinkered with your "friend of queerknit" image to make it more legible. If you want a copy of what I did, you can pull it from my website -- don't link to it there, because you probably get a lot more traffic than I do and I'll probably also delete that image eventually -- I used the white background for that same button on my knitblog. ;o)

Here's the temporary URL of that image:


And if you don't want it, that's cool too -- I may use it myself someday if I try out a dark page design.

Cheers - Carolyn

P.S. -- I was an INFJ on the fun little quiz you linked too -- that ever-present do-gooder syndrome probably explains why I leapt into action with an unasked-for solution on the queerknit button, ha!

Best rgds,
Carolyn B.

6/29/05, 3:50 PM  
Blogger Cathi said...

I think Soliel is going to be so great on you, even though it wasn't the color that you thought it was going to be when you ordered it. Nice little subversive new work in progress, since you still have your-ahem-other tank in the works. :)

6/29/05, 4:28 PM  
Blogger Jenifer said...

Hey there Miss I... Tattered Cover really does look like a lot of fun! See you and your sunny soleil soon (like my alliteration?). :)

6/29/05, 6:26 PM  
Anonymous Libby said...

Whoo hoo! Introverts Unite...or not... because that would be anti-interverted, right?

Soleil looks cool! Can't wait to see it when it's done!

6/30/05, 10:38 AM  
Blogger Wanda said...

It's funny because I'm also an I, but nobody that knows me would ever think so! Once I get to know you, no holds barred. But if I don't know you, I probably don't talk that much initially.

Your Soleil is so pretty and that color will look awesome on you. If I ever finish up my first round of summer projects, I will make that one.

6/30/05, 11:38 PM  
Anonymous your secret pal said...

I love the stitch pattern at the edge of Soleil!

7/6/05, 3:40 PM  

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