"I hate waiting."

As you might guess, I'm a bit impatient. I had hoped that picking up a pair of knitting needles would help me learn about the virtue of patience... but it seems I just want my projects to go along as quickly as possible.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Cat pics

Absolutely no knitting content. I should knit, since I'm not working on my very last paper for the semester, but I'm stalking my cats for cute pics instead.

I've been meaning to show off Cosmo's shaved belly. He needed ultrasounds during his hopsital stay (of the pancreas, gallbladder, liver, heart, kidneys, etc) so he got a lot o belly shaved.

His belly is so soft and silky right now. And a godsend, b/c its where I inject his insulin. I'm not sure how you do it when there's fur everywhere!!

Then, there's just cute cat snuggly pics. It took a few weeks after Cosmo had come home for them to warm back up to each other. Cosmo smelled and looked funny, plus he was so sick, that I had him sequestered for much of the time. Now, I have to separate them b/c I worry that in the kerfuffle that Cosmo's feeding tube might get accidentally yanked out.

Snuggling on their chair:

Snuggling in bed

Cosmo making trouble:
In this first pic, Cosmo's got Danger in a headlock.

In this pic, Danger is looking at me like... aren't you going to do something? The big blur on the right is Cosmo ferociously grooming Danger.