"I hate waiting."

As you might guess, I'm a bit impatient. I had hoped that picking up a pair of knitting needles would help me learn about the virtue of patience... but it seems I just want my projects to go along as quickly as possible.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

I must've made a deal with the Devil

because I've been blessed by the powers that be... with my great news yesterday, and I had a package slip in my mail box last night. Guess what it was?

that's a little teaser... let's back track a bit. If I had more patience, maybe I could've waited til I got home so I could document the unraveling of the package...

but as you can see, someone *peeked* first.

and under all that super cute butcher block paper with paw prints...

yes. that's right. THREE skeins of Brooks Farm Yarn Primero in the San Marcos colorway. THREE. Enough to actually KNIT with (I hear you laughing at me Wanda!)

but wait there's MORE!

Scattered at the bottom of the box were my favorite candies ever. Twix and Jolly Ranchers. I think if you look real close, one of those twix...is just a wrapper. And some scented lotion and spray called Happiness...(I won't need that until I've knit up all the wonderful BFY primero).

So who is this overly generous secret pal?

Tiffany!!Thank you SO much for all the scrumptious yarn. I could now retire from SP exchanges b/c I can't imagine having a better experience. I mean, how many people get spoiled with Brooks Farm Yarn?

I'm overflowing with gratitude and can't wait to put some of this great energy/good feelings back into the cosmos.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Boston Bound

I realize I've been posting a measly once a week for the last several months... but I've only just managed to keep my head above water this semester. Internship (40 hrs a week), class, interviewing for PhD programs, and life in general has been busier than a bee in a bonnet. I'm considering having a baby so I can gain access to all those extra hours in the day that some mommies must have, in order to be so freaking productive.

In knitterly news, some of you (aka Jon) will be relieved to hear that I have NOT been kicked out of the Stash-A-Long. I think I slipped by on a technicality, b/c I did state that gifts were an exception. I've got 51 hours, 15 minutes, and 30 seconds left before I can go yarn shopping for myself... not that I'm keeping track or anything.

I've been working on my Ene when i get a chance, but she's only made about 10 rows of progress since I last took a picture.

And, in larger life news, I got a call yesterday from Boston College, asking if I was still interested. They couldn't make me an official offer, but wanted to let me know that I was next up on the alternate list... and that they should be able to let me know something in the next 24 hours...

I got a call today from the director of training, making me an official offer to enter the doctoral program for counseling psychology at Boston College! I've finally confessed to my parents about applying... the conversation went something like this (thank the powers that be that my mother answered the phone)

Me: hey mom... did you get my tax info that I sent? (and yes, my mother does my taxes. She's an accountant)

Mom: yes... you know that you need to pay your property tax in May, right? Don't forget to do that next year either. (like they wouldn't remind me next year).

Me: well, uhm.... what if we sold the condo before then?

Mom: why would we do that?

Me: because I might be in Boston for school.

Mom: oh, really? Boston... that's a dangerous city, isn't it?

Dad: grumbling in the background.

Mom: Dad wants to know, are there programs for you to go to in Boston?

Me: Tell him, no. I'm just gonna make up a pretend PhD program when I get to Boston.

Mom: hahaha. Yeah, your dad does like to ask some stupid questions, doesn't he?

Dad: grumbling in background

Mom: well, that means we'll have to make a trip to Boston to see where you should live. ....

and more details she questioned me about for which I had no answers.

So... anyone have any suggestions about convenient locations to search for a condo in Boston (near BC or the "T" would be best). Most importantly, anyone want to email me a list of LYS in Boston? And... anyone want a 2 bed/ 2 bath condo in Denver?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Easier and Looser Hooker... That's Me.

The day after I got back from the east coast, a friend from North Carolina flew in to spend a week with me. She used to live here in CO, but moved back after graduating. We ate, shopped, and relaxed our asses off.... so how come I'm so tired?

I forgot to show off my new bag that I bought in NYC.

I love my new bag! Anna and I schlepped ALL over Manhattan, in SoHo and the Upper East side boutiques searching for THE perfect bag... and once I saw this one, I knew I had found my soulbag. It's got black! brown and! blue! and cream! it matches EVERYTHING. Most importantly, it fits my knitting, a book, my phone, wallet, PDA, checkbook, and whatever else I might need.

While we went on a book crawl, I found some used books...

And seeing as I have many friends that are pregnant, I needed to get going on making some baby blankets... hence the title. I haven't crocheted much in the last couple years, but I used to be tight (like with my knitting). It appears that time has made me an easier and looser hooker, in which I need to use a smaller hook to get gauge.

I'm also working on my sock, I've turned the heel and am working down the foot.

My kitty Cosmo is a boycatslut. He's harder to win over than Danger (who's a mama's boy...big time!), but once he's comfortable with you...

he's all over you like cheap perfume.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Phat Cat

That's my friends' kitty...and the one sharing my bed for the last few nights. I spent every minute of my time in NYC either eating, sleeping, shopping, and having fun! My friend picked me up from the JFK airport around 6pm, and we took the short distance-wise, yet manages to be a long time-wise drive to their new apartment in Murray Hill/Gramercy area of Manhattan.

I bought stuff. And I'm not sure if I'm getting kicked out of the Stash-A-Long. Let me plead my case:

Four skeins of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk. Technically, increasing the stash. BUT not really... b/c I'm making my friend Anna a scarf using the yarn... I felt bad b/c we spent all this time in the store, and she was waiting so patiently. Anna insisted that we hit a few yarn stores. We stopped here for an espresso, some cake, and yarn fondling. After she so patiently waited while I looked at all sorts of yarn, how could I not buy something? At least I didn't buy anything for myself (like the lovely Claudia Hand Paint that was DANGLING before my eyes?I figured if I bought stuff to make a gift with, it wouldn't count...

I'll wait for the final verdict from Kim.

The trip was a huge success. I had great fun with my friends, we went to the Bodies Exhibit, ingested my body weight's worth in yummilicious foods (including my first Tasty D-Lite ice cream!), and walked about 10 miles a day. No wonder all those NYC people are so freaking thin.

The interview at Seton Hall was a grueling, intense process. We had a group interview (7 other applicants and me, in a room with 2 professors asking us questions. That part wasn't so bad... the worst was knowing that there was a huge group of current students and a couple other professors behind the one-way mirror watching and evaluating us), and four individual interviews. Two were conducted by professors, and two were conducted by groups of current students. It was a long long day (where they told us at the very beginning that we were being evaluated EVERY SINGLE second of the day (even in the potty!)) but I survived.

Friday, March 10, 2006

All my bags are packed

But I had to write before I hopped on the jet plane headed to NYC. I'm a bit nervous about the interview on Tuesday (because while I know the schedule of the interviews, I have no idea what they'll be asking me about... which makes me feel unprepared). But I shall live.

I finished the Noro Shrug! Well. Except for the finishing. You'd think being OH SO close would provide enough motivation in and of itself, but it doesn't!

She needs about 5 more inches of seaming done on her sleeves, weave in 4 ends, and a good blocking. Since the warm weather of CO moved to the east coast for the weekend, I won't be needing it there.

Wanna see an FO in action?

My friend and I met up for lunch on Monday, and her baby was wearing the sweater I knit! Now, I did have to educate my friend on how warm alpaca can be... (notice that SHE is wearing a lacy type tank tee... and the baby is swaddled in alpaca.)

And finally, I have another case of startitis. I decided that I can no longer deprive myself of ALL my impulses (I almost bought yarn online yesterday. Celia talked me down from the ledge. Thanks Celia!) She asked... "don't you have anything in your stash you can use to substitute?" which was SO not the point. But I DID have stash that had been undesignated from it's intended project/use (it was supposed to be a car coat worked in 4x4 rib. I discovered a hatred of 4x4 rib while attempting to knit Tempting).

So... successful in my resistance of purchasing new yarn and falling off stashalong. Unsuccessful in keeping to only 4 projects.

WIPs list:
Lady Elenor
Conwy sock
Noro shrug (but it's off the needles... does it still count as a WIP?)
Rogue (in hibernation)
Fair Isle Jazz

I'm super excited to spend time with my friends in NYC. Though I suppose we get to see each other often (considering that we live so far apart), it never feels like enough. These two (and a few others) are part of the reason I was so gung ho to move to NYC for a PhD program. With that, perhaps I should actually go pack the bags.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Happiness is... having great friends

As you all know, I'm heading out to NYC and NJ next weekend to spend time with some college friends and interview at Seton Hall University (mostly known for NCAA basketball). My friend Anna cracks me up. She and I lived across the hall from each other freshman year of college, and didn't become friends until February... during which we both returned early after spring break... and were the only people there. Forced companionship forged a lifetime of friendship.
After a weekend of class, coming home to the following email definitely put a smile on my face:

so far on saturday we have plans:
they are

Essex for brunch at 11am (check it out on
menupages or essexnyc: I haven't been there
but it looks awesome: scott and I have passed outside.

And then The Bodies Exhibition at 1:30pm with the
Audio Tour at Southstreet Seaport

And then at 7:30pm we have reservations at Rain Scott and I loved this restaurant!!!
Awesome Thai food. It's also an the upper west side,
the chi-chi area rich family oriented area of

Of course, if none of this sounds good let me know.
We can always change it. I am soooo excited.

Anyone else notice WHERE the bodies exhibit is located? NEAR Seaport Yarns.
Can I continue to deny myself yarn while in NYC? The land of the shopping? If I buy yarn, then I'll be kicked out of the Stash-A-Long two weeks early. TWO measly weeks! GAR!

So, when do you all think is a good time to let my parents know that I'm applying for PhD programs? I got a phone call on Thursday evening from Boston College... and it's not good news, but it's not bad news. What else is left? The anxiety producing in between place of the alternate list. Which means that it depends on who and how many of the 7 people they made offers to actually accept. My supervisor said that it's the best place to be because I can't do anything... so why worry? I WISH I could operate like that.... now i'll be on pins and needles until I hear back.

In knitting news, I am THIS close to finishing the Noro Shrug. Since I started a week late, does that mean I get a gold medal if I finish by tomorrow? Wanna see a pic?

I added some short rows, and some increases... i think my gauge is slightly off, and the shrug would've been short if I hadn't done so. Also the short rows to add some width to the sides for extra coverage in the front. I'm pretty happy with it.

At a recent knitting meetup, Kim gifted me with her extra copy of Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road. I couldn't resist the Conwy. Just go look for yourself... isn't the sock beauteous? Thanks Kim! (she looks sweet, but watch out! She's a sock pusher! She would be the one that introduced me to the Sensational Knitted Sock book too)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

This one's for (drew) you!

So, I hear tell that Stacey's brother in law, who happens to be a classmate of mine (he's in the same program as me!) gets a kick out of my family squabbles. By now, he could probably use my blog posts for a case study for a class assignment.

Two and a half weeks ago:
Dad: Did you mail it?
Me: uh... mail what?
Dad: didn't you get that stuff from Smith Barney?
Me: (thinking crap... crappity crap) "I get a lot of stuff from Smith Barney"
Dad: well, you need to send back that form.
Me: What form?
Dad: the form they sent you a few months ago!
Me: I don't know where that form is... (which means, I threw that piece of mail from Smith Barney into the gargantuan box of other smith barney crapola)
Dad: well, you need to find it and send it.

Ten days ago:
Dad: did you find it and send it?
Me: no. I didn't find it.
Dad: What's your email address?
Me: cynth dot c at gmail dot com
Dad: okay. cynthia...
Me: no dad. it's "c, y, n...
Dad: oh. I got it. Cynthia C...
Me: no dad. It's spelled c, y, n.."
Dad. Ok ok. cynthia ch**
Me: NO. It's JUST the cynth then a dot. then a c
Dad: ok ok. I got it. Cynthia
Me: (and mind you, i'm feeling like it would be less painful to drive myself off the bridge of the highway at this point and I begin yelling) It's C Y N T H DOT C AT G, as in George, MAIL, as in the MAIL you get in the MAILBOX, DOT COM
Dad: ok ok. i got it.
Me: no, I don't think you do, Dad.
Dad: ok. i'll email you at cynch**
Me: crap.

Me: uh, Tony? (calling in the troops, aka, my only brother, for support)
Tony: yeah.
Me: can you send an email to me and dad so he can have my email address? I was trying to spell it for him, but i don't think he quite got it.
Tony: ahahahahhahahaahahahahahahah. yeah.

*notice the lack of need for an explanation because my brother knew EXACTLY hwat I was talking about*

Sunday (the day the olympics ended)
Dad: Did you get my email?
Me: Yes.
Dad: So, you'll mail that stuff tomorrow?
Me: Yes
Dad: Did you address the envelope already?
Me: uh, no.
Dad: well? why not? why didn't you address the envelope as soon as you got the address?
Me: uh, why does it matter to you whether I address the envelope today or tomorrow?
Dad: (who's not listening at all) I don't know how you live like that. So sloppy. So inefficient. What stopped you from addressing the envelope as soon as you opened the email?
Me: Dad? why is it so important to you? do you have something else you wanna talk about? Because this kind of conversation is why i sometimes get annoyed with you.
Dad: I mean, geez, would it have killed you to have addressed the envelope TODAY?
Dad: I have plenty to talk about. Why didn't you address the envelope today?
Me: (thinking, crap. i can't believe hes' getting so worked up about a fucking envelope).
Dad: You know, I do everything as soon as I can.... blah blah blah
Me: (remembering how my g'ma told me that he used to procrastinate about his homework, remembering the phone calls from the hospital trying to track down my dad to finish his patient charts...)
Dad: Are you listening? Did you make plane reservations for the wedding?
Me: not yet
Dad: well, you know it's memorial day weekend. I mean, flights will fill up.
Me: uh huh
Dad: hmph.

Holy Krimony!!! Seriously... I post about this exchange because I know that if it were not happening to ME, that it would be quite funny. QUITE funny. I told my good friend that I felt like jumping off my balcony to end the pain. He said that at moments like these, it's best to bite your tongue. I'm thinking, I have too many moments like these to bite my tongue, b/c if I actually bit my tongue every time? I'd have bitten it clean through.

We'll resume knitting content over the weekend. I've got class on Fri and Sat(for which I've done no reading, no paper, and not much) but will find time to post.