"I hate waiting."

As you might guess, I'm a bit impatient. I had hoped that picking up a pair of knitting needles would help me learn about the virtue of patience... but it seems I just want my projects to go along as quickly as possible.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Camp Laze-A-Way

I just got back from Colorado and I miss it already! (actually, I was missing it while I was there, so... I'm pretty much just always missing it). I had a wonderful time, packed full of good times with great friends. There is WAY too much to talk about all in one day, and I'd like to post chronologically... basically, what I'm saying is that there may not be knitting content in each post.

On Wednesday, I spent the day with LRHM (Little Red Headed Monster) and his mom. We had a lovely time hanging out at home, playing 'monster' and 'airplane' and of course, we took a trip to Sweet Tomatoes. My friend and I let her husband take the kidlets home after a most satisfying dinner while we took off and got some adult drinky drinks and caught up.

Let's back up one second. I have a new code name for my rack. "Food" or "plenty of food". when I told the campers the story, they cracked up and we used these new names for the rest of the weekend. I think Stacey needs to talk about our 'barns' too.

So, i was buckling LRHM into the car and saying goodnight to him after our dinner. He VERY casually pats my breast (this kid has had pretty free and clear access to my rack since he was born. How do you feel awkward about letting a baby feel you up?) and asks "is that your nipple?" Now, his dad and I both comment to him that it was inappropriate to touch me there (when the kid learns the name for the body part? that means he can also learn it's not ok to be feeling me up). I told him that it was my breast, and that they're like his mommy's breasts. So then, the little smart effer says, while staring at my rack "oh! you have plenty of food!" Jeez. I've had guys comment about the size of my front before, but dang.

Anyway, we went off for drinks, talked about our relationships (husbands, dating, friends, parents, parents in laws, sisters in laws, etc etc) and other general girl talk. (it helped that we had a VERY cute waiter).

On Thursday morning, i met a friend for breakfast at Mona's where I had a very satisfying breakfast burrito. How I miss thee, breakfast burrito with green chile!! Then Stacey and Michelle came and got me so we could commence with our camp plans!!

Here's a pic of the LRHM in the funny t-shirt I got him at babystyle. His mom is a family therapist (which is what i got my master's counseling degree in too) and there's this concept that we take out our frustrations within the family on those with less 'power' than ourselves.

Camp stuff (aka knitting content) next!

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

So much to do... so little time.

I have a long list of 'things to do' some of which are much more pleasurable than others.
First, the list in order of preference

1) Crochet the babette blanket. I was actually pulled into this project from Ravelry, and the version I saw used Cotton Ease instead of the suggested Koigu. KOIGU!! Who's sacrificing 23 skeins of koigu? NOT MOI. I've already started. I finally made it down to Graceful Stitches to hang out with Maryse for a little stitch time. She helped reacquaint me with my crochet self. Here are three different squares I've made thus far.

largest square, with magazine for size reference

These two are squares I started w/o looking at the color chart. I really like them, so they'll probably get stuck in the blanket somewhere or another.

2) Finish Reid. 2 sleeves, seaming, and edging to go.

3) Finish rereading HP books, then read book 7.

4) Catch up on Sookie Stackhouse

5) Catch up on Anita Blake

6) Go see the HP movie again, preferably in IMAX theatre.

7) Get paper written up and poster organized for the APA conference in August.

8) write the final paper for that class... the one I took an 'incomplete' last semester. If I don't finish this paper before the beginning of Fall semester, I won't get paid, I don't get to go to class.

Obviously, some of these 'to do' are more important than others. If you're wondering why reading the HP book isn't further up the list... it's b/c it's the LAST book. Once I've read it... that's it. End of story. And that makes me a little sad.

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Friday, July 20, 2007


I *should* be reading Harry Potter in anticipation of watching the new movie tomorrow afternoon, and then spending the night with Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, and Snape. Probably will be spending most of Sunday in bed with them too (I love waking up, not having anywhere to go, and just reading and snuggling with the furbabies).

But I got a bit of knitting mojo back, which is probably b/c I'm under deadline. I've been working on Reid for a professor from my master's program... um. FOR HER BABY, I mean. This professor is the reason I'm in a doc program, she's been a great mentor and important in shaping me into who I am today. While I was her teaching assistant for about a year, she was going through fertility issues, trying to get and stay pregnant. She had given up, decided she couldn't keep putting her body through the drugs... when she ended up pregnant! I crocheted her a baby blanket before I left Denver, but I wanted to make her baby girl something to wear too. (I'll try to post pics of the FO when it's, well. Finished.) I'm done with the back and two fronts, and will cast on for the 2 sleeves after I'm done reading the BOOK.

It had occurred to me that I haven't written about my parents in awhile. Lest you think that they have disappeared, or somehow gotten the hint that I am a FULL GROWN ADULT...

preface: My brother (older than me by 2-3 yrs) just got a new job. Work is a little slow, so he's kinda bored. Men in my family do NOT tolerate boredom well. They become very irritating and annoying. He's been IMing me (why o why did I introduce him to the joy of google chat?) and asking questions like... so, when are you going to be done with your degree? what are you going to do afterwards? Grrr.... These online convos took place about a week or so ago.

a few days after that...

phone: ring ring ring

Me: hello?
Dad: (in Mandarin): CynCyn-a. This is your Dad. (uhh... why the identifier? Do other people's parents do this when they call them? I mean, how many men does my dad think call me and speak to me in Mandarin?)

Me: Hi Dad. What's up?
Dad: What have you been doing?
Me: Working on research for my professors...
Dad: Oh. So, is this research for your dissertation? Is that what this research is for?
Me: Uhm no Dad...
Dad: so, this work is just for them? You don't get anything out of it?
Me: well, I get published, and the experience...
Dad: Why can't it be part of your dissertation? Haven't you started writing it yet?

Background info: My dad (according to my mom) worked on a PhD while he was studying for the medical licensing board exams here in the States. He did research. Lots of it. He started writing a dissertation but didn't finish b/c (i'm guessing) he got his medical license and was accepted to a residency program. Basically, I'm saying that the process of dissertation shouldn't be THAT foreign to him.

Me: Dad... I JUST finished my first year!! We don't even start thinking about a TOPIC for our dissertation until third year.

Dad: Oh. Really? How long is this program going to take?
Me: (sigh). At least 5 years Dad. Probably six years...
Dad: SIIIGGGGH. Really? Hmph.

Boy o boy! I sure am looking forward to year 5 or year 6!

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Thursday, July 19, 2007


I'm so excited for several reasons!! But first, I've lost my knitting mojo on the Mystery Stole #3. I don't know if it's b/c I'm not really sure I like the shape of it. Not like I don't have enough other stuff on the needles...

1) I'm finally going to go see the new HP movie this weekend! Seems like no one I know in Boston (all 5 ppl. Ok. maybe... 15) is an HP fan. Sweet Jesus, what's wrong with these ppl? (but i know that people in Boston are fans, b/c there is Potterpalooza going on everywhere).

2) THE BOOK! I'm excited to see how everything turns out for all the characters, but most especially for Ron, Hermione, and Snape. I love Snape. Which is why book 6 broke my heart. What I want from book 7? A nice unhappy ending for Malfoy. Lucius and Draco. All of these HP events mean that this entire weekend will be devoted to HP. Either watching or reading. I will have to exercise some restraint in order to not start reading book 7 before going to see movie 5.

3) On Tuesday (the 24th of July), I fly out to CO to see my friends! YAY! We're having camp again, and we always have a great time. Since I'm staying longer in CO this trip, I'll also be seeing my favorite professors from my master's program, and some other friends too.

I'm itching to cast on for a few new projects that i've found by being nosey on Ravelry. The babette blanket from Interweave Crochet (spring 2006) is calling my name, even though I have no expectant mamas right now... I also want to cast on for Hourglass or T Shirt Sweater. BUT I NEED to finish Reid (knitty) b/c I'm gifting it on July 30th. I guess that takes precedence, huh?

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Friday, July 13, 2007

TINK a long

Seems I have done almost the opposite of knitting lately (of the time that I spend on knit related things, I have not spent enough of that time actually KNITTING).

First, the mystery stole debacle. Then, the phenomenon that is Ravelry. There are discussion boards, groups, pictures, patterns, stashes, projects (both finished and in progress), books... and whatever else knitting/crochet related that you could imagine. I've been sucked in and am busy taking pictures of my stash in order to properly catalog what all I have...

23 skeins of koigu.
10 skeins of Cherry Tree Hill
10 skeins of BMFA Socks That Rock

uh... maybe I don't want to keep inventory-ing.

When I piled all the koigu up on my couch so I could take pictures and double check colorways?

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mystery Stole - un- along

I thought I could live in denial for a bit. I really did. I had cast on for MS#3 with my skaska yarn, US5s. I ripped it, and used US4s. Ripped it, and used US3s. I'm not a loose knitter at all... so I told myself "this is lace, lace ALWAYS looks like crap until you block it... maybe the yarn will... bloom... when you block it! yeah, that's it, it'll bloom!"

I was able to be in denial... up until I got a few rows into clue #2, and my friends started pointing out blogs with pics of completed clue #1. CRAP. I just can't stay in denial, much as I love it there. I even thought to self, "well, maybe it looks like crap, but it'll look better once it's blocked... and really, even if it's not that pretty, you don't WEAR lace anyway, so... it's ok."

No. I couldn't live with it. I had an online convo with Wanda, who is always good for an honest (even if it hurts) opinion. RIP-PIT all out. Then I couldn't figure out what yarn to use... most of my stashed lace weight yarn is variegated, and my sock yarn collections is only intended for socks (meaning, i only buy enough to make a pair of socks). SO NOW WHAT? Celia to the rescue!!! She had sent me, in one of our international exchanges, some beautiful bright blue laceweight yarn. She had suggested that I pair it with another yarn to tone it down. Which is what I did. It was quite painful (there were many many knots in my skasa yarn). it involved much cutting and spit joining and cursing and waving away the too interested cats. I have yarn burn on my left hand (which guided the two yarns... one from ball, one from swift). But I think it was worth it.

Two steps forward, one step back, they say. Well, i feel like I've been taking one step forward, 2 steps back. I hope that trend is at an end.


Monday, July 09, 2007

Blink. Blink. Breathe. :|| (rinse, repeat)

Ever since getting my first snort of Ravelry, I've been hooked. If not for the need to hydrate, eat, potty, and the insistence of Danger and Cosmo's plaintive wails of "pet me, pet me, pet me," I think I would need about a week straight of ravelry-ing to feel like I had my stuff/stash organized the way I wanted on the site. If you haven't signed up for an invite, you might want to... NOW. They probably have over 10K ppl on the waiting list, but it'll be worth the wait. They do over 1000 invites per week, so....

I got a package in the mail from Stacey. She sent me ...

and this cute tee

Thanks Stace!

In other news, I *DID* find my camera to computer cord (about 15 minutes after posting last time) and I *DID* take pictures. Were any of them of anything I've been working on? of course not silly rabbit! trix are for kids.

but i did find this pic, which i'll leave you with...
"Hmph!! Ignore me? Hmph" - Danger

Saturday, July 07, 2007

i need a channeling

b/c i seem to have misplaced my camera to computer cord. Seeing as I finally got my invite to Ravelry, this fact is becoming more and more disturbing to me. I know it's here SOMEWHERE. So, if anyone has any ESP abilities, please ask my Sony Cybershot PSC-200 camera cord where it is hiding (or, alternatively, where *I* carefully stowed it for easy access, hmph).

In other (non knitting) news,... you're all used to that by now, aren't you?
um. right. Took the furkids to the vet yesterday. I LOVE this vet. He's the only one at this clinic/hospital AND he only sees cats. He's in the examining room almost the entire time the cats are in the room, so I always feel like he thoroughly examines them. Oh. the news. (I think I need some ritalin maybe?) I am quite happy to report that Danger is back up to his previous healthy weight between 10-11 lbs. YAY. The IAMS food did the trick. His weight loss was his way of saying "poo poo to the fancy schmancy healthy for me food. Gimme some CARBS!" He takes after his mommy.

Of course, now the OTHER one is el gordo. Cosmo is def. a heavyweight, coming in at 16 lbs. SIXTEEN lbs!! Seems he and i should both sign up for 1800-Jenny Craig. Did I mention that I love the vet I've found? He recommended that I give Cosmo some canned pumpkin every day to help fill him up with some fiber.

In KNITTING news, I'm actively working on three lace projects

1) Reid from Knitty. I need to complete this project by July 29th. I'm gifting it to one of my professors in Denver (for her 1 yr old daughter). I'm done with the back, and right front. Half way done with left front. Two sleeves and seaming to go. Bleh.

2) Madli shawl from IK Summer 2005?. On repeat #28 or 29 of 31.

3) Mystery Stole #3. Just finished clue #1 last night, printed out clue #2 today.

too busy Ravelry-ing to knit.

must find cord.


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Monday, July 02, 2007

Instant Katma's gonna getcha

Sorry. no pics. I have no idea(r) where my camera/computer cord is stashed away. I'm sure I very cleverly put it where I would be able to easily find it. Uh huh - uh huh.

I've started the Mystery Stole madness. I'm using Skaska lace weight yarn that I bought at the Estes wool festival in 2006. A very dark blue/grey called "midnight." Stupidly, I did not swatch. I cast on with my US5s, thinking I used this needle size with helen's lace... nope. Looked horrid. Rip back 30+ rows, cast on with US4s. Work up to row 25ish. Rip-pit. I've settled on US3s. Up to row 47. Cat is next me, napping. We're all one big happy family.


UNTIL I hear the smack smack smack of little cat lips. Dangling next to the previously very cute cat lips that I like to give kisses to? An end of lace weight yarn.... which is now detached from my WIP.

FUCKER. he's been banished to the floor, while I gather the nerve to see if this skaska yarn will spit join. It's called 'superlamb' which I hope does not mean it won't spit join. Who would need superwash lace weight yarn? I mean, even if it is superwash, it's still LACE.

Off to find some scissors to cut off the ends of the yarn ... only to hope that my own spit will reverse the damages rendered by the cat spit.

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