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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Camp Laze-A-Way

I just got back from Colorado and I miss it already! (actually, I was missing it while I was there, so... I'm pretty much just always missing it). I had a wonderful time, packed full of good times with great friends. There is WAY too much to talk about all in one day, and I'd like to post chronologically... basically, what I'm saying is that there may not be knitting content in each post.

On Wednesday, I spent the day with LRHM (Little Red Headed Monster) and his mom. We had a lovely time hanging out at home, playing 'monster' and 'airplane' and of course, we took a trip to Sweet Tomatoes. My friend and I let her husband take the kidlets home after a most satisfying dinner while we took off and got some adult drinky drinks and caught up.

Let's back up one second. I have a new code name for my rack. "Food" or "plenty of food". when I told the campers the story, they cracked up and we used these new names for the rest of the weekend. I think Stacey needs to talk about our 'barns' too.

So, i was buckling LRHM into the car and saying goodnight to him after our dinner. He VERY casually pats my breast (this kid has had pretty free and clear access to my rack since he was born. How do you feel awkward about letting a baby feel you up?) and asks "is that your nipple?" Now, his dad and I both comment to him that it was inappropriate to touch me there (when the kid learns the name for the body part? that means he can also learn it's not ok to be feeling me up). I told him that it was my breast, and that they're like his mommy's breasts. So then, the little smart effer says, while staring at my rack "oh! you have plenty of food!" Jeez. I've had guys comment about the size of my front before, but dang.

Anyway, we went off for drinks, talked about our relationships (husbands, dating, friends, parents, parents in laws, sisters in laws, etc etc) and other general girl talk. (it helped that we had a VERY cute waiter).

On Thursday morning, i met a friend for breakfast at Mona's where I had a very satisfying breakfast burrito. How I miss thee, breakfast burrito with green chile!! Then Stacey and Michelle came and got me so we could commence with our camp plans!!

Here's a pic of the LRHM in the funny t-shirt I got him at babystyle. His mom is a family therapist (which is what i got my master's counseling degree in too) and there's this concept that we take out our frustrations within the family on those with less 'power' than ourselves.

Camp stuff (aka knitting content) next!

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Blogger Email Me said...

Ha, I remember one time telling my mom (as a kid) that I would be blamed when the tv broke. The tv stopped working and my father proceeded to blame me until he realized the connection was down. As an only child, I know that belief.

8/2/07, 5:48 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

LOL about the food comment!

8/2/07, 6:23 PM  
Blogger WandaWoman said...

The whole "food" thing was hilarious. LRHM is so adorable!

8/5/07, 11:49 AM  

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