"I hate waiting."

As you might guess, I'm a bit impatient. I had hoped that picking up a pair of knitting needles would help me learn about the virtue of patience... but it seems I just want my projects to go along as quickly as possible.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Something out of Nothing

I know I promised a pic of some beautiful lace. I got impatient (who, me?) and started the edging already. Starting the edging means that I picked up stitches around the entire stole, and the thing looks like a big blob. Hence... no piccies.

I was told by someone that I needed to post. I said "but I've already posted this month!" That's sad. Sad sad sad. She gave me some ideas of quick and easy posts, but it looks like I won't need to start using her ideas until the next post.


Let's see.

12:05am ET (I never know if we're in standard time or daylight savings): ring ring ring. I see that it's my brother. Not worried, b/c we are a family of night owls. Still. Hmmm...

me: what's up?
Tony: Would you please call mom and dad?
me: huh?
Tony: they're freaking out because they've been calling you and they get a busy signal.
me: huh? (i've been sitting at home, knitting, watching some tennis, and catching up on my TiVo)
Tony: I know it's late, but I don't even care. Would you please call them?
me: What time did they call you?
Tony: I dunno. Maybe 10:30 or something. Just call them.
me: um. ok.

E.T. phone home.

me: Dad... were you looking for me?
Dad: YES! We called your cell phone over and over and it kept ringing busy. What's going on?
me: maybe you broke it by calling too much? (yes, i actually said that)
Dad: Nonsense. Why would your cell phone be busy? It's never done that before!
me: you're asking me, who am I supposed to ask?****
Dad: Hunh. Well... ok. You should put some money into your IRA account.
me: Okay (I knew these counselor skills would pay off... I was knitting. Best to just nod and agree)
Dad: Call A.H. and tell him how much you want to put in.
me: uh-huh (still knitting)
Dad: Because it's all before taxes, and since you make such little money, it's good to do it now (wha? this statement made no sense to me. if putting money into your IRA is pre-tax, then why does it matter what tax bracket I'm in right now? eh?)
me: Okay Dad. I'll do that (still knitting)
Dad: How are your applications? Are some of the places you are applying to hospital sites?
me: SIGH. Yes, Dad.
Dad: will they pay you?
me: probably not Dad.
Dad: well, that's ok. It's about the training, right? So pick a good hospital.
me: (eyes rolling) uh huh.
Dad: ok. bye.
me: bye Dad.

I get back onto the computer and my email, and look what I found:

Cyn-Cyn: what happened to your cell phone? We are worried. Please call or reply by e-mail. Daddy.

subject of email: How to contact you beside your cell phone?

it is moments like these that make me want to find someone to marry. I think my parents would worry less. Then they could bug my husband if they can't find me. I know that the 'worry' is actually 'love' but it can be difficult to remember that sometimes. Sometimes, I just think they're neurotic. I bet if I still lived in Michigan, and they couldn't find me, they would've just driven down to find me. Oy.

****That's the literal translation from Chinese. It actually means something along the lines of "how am I supposed to know?" or "why are you asking me?"

ps. The reason why I only have a cell phone is because of my parents. Yes, it is also more economical for me to only pay for a cell phone, esp. since my internet is no longer through a phone line. Back in Denver, I had a land line for a few years, and got annoyed b/c the parents would call it to check if I was home. Over and over and over on the same night.

pps. Post posting and editing got me to thinking about the fact that sometimes I still feel like a teenager. Maybe that's why I enjoy working with them so much... b/c I can identify with them.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Extended vacation

If I can get through this program, get my degree, and a post grad position as a faculty member, maybe I will continue to have these supposed 'extended vacations.' My question/concern is... as an academic, do you really REALLY ever get a vacation? I mean, where you don't have a grant, proposal, article, or tenure review hanging over your head? Maybe I'm just talking myself out of being a professor, maybe I'm just blabbering.

So. Since the last post... I finished another semester (3 down, 7 to go) and I've accomplished some serious knitting

finished sandal socks

Yarn: Spirit Trail Fiber. 100% merino superwash
Needles: US2
Pattern: FiberTrends Sandal Socks
Modifications: I knit one as the pattern wrote, then knit the second sock with a more traditional decrease pattern (4 decreases every other row... the sock on the right).

Verdict: Forever in love. I've washed them once in the washer, and let them air dry. They are like butta. I mean, I want to make a blankie out of this yarn or maybe a set of sheets. LUV this yarn. Want... no. NEED more.

Um. Yeah. I had planned on showing you all a pic of the progress on my new lace project. However, I forgot to take a picture of it. you can have the specs. I'll repost the specs along with a pic in the next post.


Yarn: 100% merino laceweight by The Woolen Rabbit. Color: Lady Sings the Blues
Needles: US4 Addi Lace Needles
Pattern: Eunny Jang's Print O'the Wave
Mods: Knit in one direction (no center graft), and am planning on 38 repeats instead of 34.

The yarn? Oh so loverly to knit. Sproingy. Silky (in the non squeaky way... silky in the satiny slippery kind of way). I love the colors. I might need some more. It's like crack. I haven't finished using my first skein, but am worried about running out and not having more in the stash. This yarn? Is the kind of yarn that gets a yarn/fiber novice on her way to having a HABIT. Is the kind of yarn that makes the yarn/fiber novice start collecting and stashing yarn.

Meanwhile, I studiously and religiously ignored all the work I should have been doing for school related stuffs.
1) work on research project that I am presenting at a conference in Chicago (in March).
2) Apply for practicum placements for the next academic year **
3) work on research projects for my research assistantship (2-3 projects)

My new motto (well, it's adapted. I've always been a procrastinator) is that I can't have gotten this far if I didn't get things done when they needed to be done. So... it'll get done when it NEEDS to get done. However, I am actively seeking therapy for how to be able to be productive w/o a due date looming over my head.

Even though I started back at my practicum placement (actually practicing psychotherapy with actual clients instead of sitting in a room talking about them) on January 2nd, we didn't start actual classes until this week. I'm taking another three classes (career development seminar, practicum seminar, and social bases of behavior seminar), plus teaching, research assistantship, and my current practicum placement. In this craziness, I kind of am looking forward to next year (please don't remind me of this when I blog and bitch about it next year) because supposedly I'll be able to shave off about 9-14 hours off the current schedule.

Anyway... it was SO nice to come home today (I wrote most of this post yesterday) to a HUGE box on my front porch! Inside, the big box was stuffed full of birthday goodies, and yarn that I had bought from Colorful Yarns. Anyone think that it's strange that Colorful is STILL my LYS even though I live many many states away?

Let's see what we have:
1) Amy Butler bag

OMG. It's beeyooootiful. And very well made. The fabric is sturdy, and pocket placement is stellar. The colors are right up my alley (shh. I hear all the snickering!).

Thanks Stacey, Michelle, Jeni and Tiffany!!!

I cannot wait to use this bag. I would like to use it as a book bag too, but it's too special. It might have to be used as a work bag a couple times b/c I need to have some one give me some bag envy. don't lie. We all love it when someone else has bag envy for OUR bag.

Inside the bag...

2) Cascade Eco + Wool
I bought a couple skeins from Colorful to make Hemlock Ring Blanket. Stacey showed me this pattern, Michelle's got it in her Ravelry queue, Jeni has made a few... I was helpless to resist.

3) Classic Elite Classic Silk. To make Tangled Yoke. Someday.

Anyone see a theme developing here? Notice some sort of... um... limited color palette?

4) Needles galore. Tiffany had a sale a while back on her addi needles. Who couldn't use more needles? I got some addi lace needles for socks, and a small circ to knit hats.

5) And movies from Wanda!!! She send me Hitch (with Will Smith) and Bend It Like Beckham! (girl power!)

Last, I leave you with a pic of my furbaby Danger 'helping' me make the bed.

** Didn't you think that after you get accepted into a PhD program that you should be done applying for anything for awhile? Me too. Alas (woe is me), it's not true. I have and will have to send out applications every single year of schooling.

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