"I hate waiting."

As you might guess, I'm a bit impatient. I had hoped that picking up a pair of knitting needles would help me learn about the virtue of patience... but it seems I just want my projects to go along as quickly as possible.

Monday, January 31, 2005

Rants from an Irrational Knitter

Ok. First off, I was ALMOST done with the first half of my backyard leaves scarf. I found out I am going to have to TINK about 10-12 rows because my impatient ass didn't read the freaking directions. One of the knitting lessons that should help me become a more patient person, right? Yeah, I doubt it too. I'm just pissed at myself for not reading the directions. no no. I had to be impatient and try to forge ahead. Sigh.

I found out today that an ex-coworker, with whom I had a fairly adversarial relationship with, is being considered for a position where I am now. Uh. Yeah.
Woo hoo. At least our interactions would be severely limited with each other. In fact, she would have nothing to do with what I do... and hopefully I'll be gone before she's hired. Still, considering that I LOVE most of my ex-coworkers (many are close friends), the chances of working with one of the TWO that I didn't get along with.... She's one of those judgemental people that say shit...and it's so abrasive that you think you heard her wrong. I mean, who says stuff like that, knowing that they have to work closely with other people?

One last thing. I have this pet peeve about people not calling me back. I mean, once in awhile, I understand that things are busy or whatever. When it becomes a pattern? I feel like it's just flat out rude. I'm not super high maintenance (at least, *I* don't think so). But I do expect friends to call me back within a couple days. Am I being (k)nitpicky?

I lied. Another thing. I hate email. I love email. I love email when it's working. I hate that so much of my life is tied to a freaking computer, and that when my email is down, I feel incapacitated. One of my professors couldn't get in touch with me, my classmates with which I'm working on projects with couldn't get in touch with me, and dammit! I have friends with which I mostly only email out of convenience. The worst part is, I can't even complain to anyone (other than this blog) because it's free.

My saving graces have been my kitty kats (the one in the profile/sidebar is one kitty, the one laying atop the knitting is his brother). And crocheting. Even if you can't get the detail like you do with knitting, I have no problems ripping. No worries about having to reinsert the needle correctly through twisted stitches, etc. That will be the project for the night instead of TINKing the backyard leaves.

Thursday, January 27, 2005


Do a little dance..., make a little love.... Ok. I did part one, but not part two. Got my shipment in from Webs yarn, a great discount online shop. All of this beautiful stuff is for projects for ME ME ME.

close up Posted by Hello

building a stash Posted by Hello

The current projects (all scarves) are for friends. The future projects in mind for the new yarn...A shawl for me to snuggle in while I read/do homework (Blizzard, p97, Scarfstyle), and the long jacket with sailor collar from Debbie Bliss book #6.

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The first requires Reynolds Blizzard, the long jacket uses Debbie Bliss (surprise, surprise) merino chunky. I'm using the recommended color for the shawl (light blue, #612), but instead of an indigo debbie bliss, using an olive green. I took pics of the stash, and some of the current projects. Will post those later tonight.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


My knitting Posted by Helloed

Yeah...a cute pic of one kitty sitting atop my knitting. They hate when I pay attention to anything besides them. Makes it hard for a girl to get anything done if she's home. My backyard leaves scarf is back on track. Super experienced knitters who may look at it closely will see that it's screwed up for about 10 rows, but I'm just glad I haven't had to rip out the whole thing. About 7 repeats done, 4 to go.

backyard leaves Posted by Hello

Went to the Recycled Lamb, a great LYS in Lakewood, where the ladies were SUPER helpful. Bought a skein of fuzzy yarn to knit a fun fur scarf for a friend in Italy. Crystal Palace Fizz. Knitting it along with Flutter yarn. Even though I hate pink, there's enough color from the Fizz to help me not gag while I knit.

pink fun fur Posted by Hello

fun fur scarf yarn Posted by Hello

I have to give the LYS some compliments though. Not only a great selection of yarns, but the ladies working there didn't mind (AT ALL!) helping me out with the boo boo in my knitting. Another LYS here in Denver (that shall remain nameless), won't help you with your knitting unless you buy yarn from their store.

Did I mention that I knit when I'm procrastinating? So, all these projects I'm working on are doing their job very well. School started back up last week, and as I'm taking 4 classes, and helping teach another, I have plenty of work to do. But I'd rather be knitting.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

another addiction?

I guess a little about me for my first posting. I'm a transplant in Denver (originally from Michigan), and have lived here for about 5 years. I'm a proud Wolverine (GO BLUE!), which festered my competitiveness. The name of the blog is actually one of my favorite quotes from my favorite movie, the Princess Bride.

I started knitting about a year ago. My first project was...a fun fur scarf knit on bamboo needles (size 15) . Yarn was Baby Monkey in a smokey blue. I became ambitious, and knit up the 'not knit round' scarf (which is actually more of a shawl/poncho). I used a Berroco yarn, ribbon style (half denim color, half navy). While the KNITTING is finished, I have yet to finish by sewing it up. I've made several other scarves for friends (another fun fur scarf in Berocco sizzle, and a rib and cable scarf)...

chevron scarf Posted by Hello

rib and cable scarf Posted by Hello

Projects I've been working on The backyard leaves pattern from Scarfstyle. I bought some Classic Elite Wings in olive green (#2397). I LOVE this yarn. Soft to the touch, 15% hollow (for warmth without the weight). I got it from A Knitted Peace, a great LYS in S. Denver. Another scarf I'm working on is a chevron scarf using Crystal Palace Shimmer.

Next up: the Reynolds Blizzard shawl (in Scarfstyle), and the long jacket with sailor collar (from the Debbie Bliss number 6 book).

Back to the point of creating a blog. So I could comment on someone else's blog to get help with my knitting. Pretty pathetic, huh? What a knitter will do for her project. Actually, knitting helps me procrastinate from my school studies. I figure if I'm not working on something I should be working on...at least I can be productive and make something tangible.