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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I have issues...

yeah yeah, what's new, right? I'm having some issues with the puters. I love technology when it makes my life more convenient and they WORK. Somehow, my computer isn't recognizing my camera, for which I've already installed the driver. SO. That means no pics until I can get a few minutes with my technogeek (I mean, technophile) brother. What's that you say? Why don't I call the technical help for either the computer or the camera? Pshaw!! I ask you again to please note the name of the blog. ALL tech help lines require a humongo wait, unless you've got some huge account with them.

OH. Speaking of help lines, I heard a funny story. A friend works for a private client group for investments (please don't ask me to explain, all I know is it involves insurance and investment needs). Isaiah Thomas (of Detroit Pistons fame) and his wife were clients of this firm, and were accidentally given the 'regular' business card with the 'regular' call for help phone number. When Mrs. Thomas gets into a car accident, she calls the joe schmoe line and tells the customer rep something along the lines of "I need a replacement car, a tow truck, and blah blah blah because i just got into an accident." The rep puts Mrs Thomas on hold, and tells the CSR in the next cube "You won't BE-LIEVE the bitch I have on the line."
Well, turns out said CSR wasn't so great with phones yet, and Mrs Thomas heard the comment. He he he. Serves them right for not giving the same level of customer service to all their clients. And if you weren't amused, I'm sorry I made you read it. Wait a minute. I didn't make you read it.

Knitting news: I can't wait for another knit night b/c i'm making excellent progress on my clapotis. It's beautiful and the bamboo yarn has a silky (not the squeaky silk) feel when it runs through my fingers. I almost lost about 40yds worth, b/c I set the project down for a minute, and the cats attacked it. It was batted around from the living room, into the kitchen, into my bedroom, under the couch, around the legs of the end tables etc etc. I was NOT pleased.
I took a trip to Knitty Cat? on Arapahoe Rd today. Granted they were busy, but no one greeted me or asked if I needed any help. The lady that came in a few minutes after me was asked if she needed help, so I felt ignored and left w/o purchasing anything. I overheard the owner lady (who was very busy talking to some lady for an extended period of time) say that she owns a Lexus with the plates Knitty Cat. She's not going to miss my business, methinks. (And being naturally curious/nosey, I checked the parking lot as I left, and she owns the larger SUV Lexus, which run about $50K. Excuse the extreme bitchy tone of this post, as I'm expecting George very soon. He makes me cranky and tired.


Blogger Wanda said...

Hey, hope to see Friday night. Depending on who your camera is through, you may want to contact your camera's technical support. I had a similar problem on Monday and called tech support on Tuesday, got right through and it turned out the problem was with my Norton Anti-Virus software. I had to disable it and then my pictures magically appeared on my PC and I could save them. I was so happy! It took tech support maybe 20 minutes and I didn't have a wait at all. Just a thought. It couldn't hurt to try it. Good luck!

3/23/05, 7:41 PM  

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