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As you might guess, I'm a bit impatient. I had hoped that picking up a pair of knitting needles would help me learn about the virtue of patience... but it seems I just want my projects to go along as quickly as possible.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Please ignore the previous post.

Not all of it. Just the part I said that I would be finishing the back
of the tank this weekend. Maybe MAYBE by the end of tonight. I'm pretty
close... and will update with a pic very late tonight.

I had a great time on Friday at Wanda's place on Fri night, with Cathi, Jenifer, and Michelle. We fondled her entire stash, and tried to plot how to steal some of it (see Cathi's post). Wanda made us some very tasty drinky drinks (Cape Cods), provided mucho food, and Cathi even brought a cake! Then we knit and knit and knit. Most of them had to help me with my armhole shaping, since the tank is my first garment, and the directions from Katia leave a little bit something to be desired for a newbie knitter. Michelle gifted all of us with the CUTEST stitch markers! I get the sense she's a little bit of an instigator (one of those quiet types that you never suspect) b/c she purposefully gave me markers that weren't a set, and gave Wanda a matching set. Hmmm... Pics of these markers later tonight.

Can you believe that NONE of us managed to bring a camera? Jenifer worked on a lacy super light weight scarf for her MIL, Wanda worked on her Donna, Cathi worked on her paid knitting (which looks like a hat for Andre the giant, but that's what the pattern says it wants), and Michelle worked on her tank from Interweave? (with the Sonata yarn).

Saturday, I was a useless human being. I went to my regularly scheduled pilates class, in which the teacher made sure our asses burned like the devil. Then, I had the great idea (since I was already so stretched out from pilates class) to go try hot yoga. I think I've stated somewhere on this blog that the idea of hot yoga seems to combine a few things I detest. A hot, humid steamy room (gasp, gasp! get me some air!), and yoga. I don't like it when the teachers say "lightly push the heel of your foot into your hip... this pressure helps stimulate your bowel..." or somesuch like that. C'mon. Even if it's true, WHY would you be trying to stimulate my bowel during a yoga class? But, I digress. Hot Yoga was actually kind of fun! I did fairly well, and didn't pass out like I envisioned. But boy o boy do you need towels. You don't have to move in order to build up a sweat in there. I'm not talking ladylike perspiration, I'm talking full on dripping down your nose, running rivers down your arms and legs SWEAT. I had concerns about the horrid B.O. in the room (it's co-ed), but it really wasn't bad at ALL. After this hot yoga class, i was like a wet, limp noodle. It felt draining to just sit up straight. The side effects of the hot yoga were pretty good too! It's great if you need exfoliation anywhere, and the skin on my face feels very hydrated.

As you can read, I've not devoted any time to preparing for my final exams. Ahem. I'll start that when I finish the back of this gosh darned tank top. Maybe.


Blogger Jenifer said...

Hey there cynthia -- it was great seeing you on Friday! And I've done bikram yoga, and if I were any good at it I'd be a total addict, but it gives me low self-esteem generally so I don't go. But you're right about needing towels! You go, girl. :)

5/1/05, 8:35 PM  
Blogger Sarita said...

Wow! I was totally addicted to Bikram yoga. It is too bad that it didn't work out for jenifer because it had the opposite effect on me. I felt much better about myself when I was going to yoga reguarly. I need to start going again! There is something about releasing all that sweat and moving your body in interesting positions that leaves you with the feeling that you have just had a relaxing massage yet feel strange invigorated.

Mmm....thanks for reminding me. I might have to look into it again. The perfect way to maintain my figure for the next 8 months. :)

5/2/05, 1:58 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

I kinda flop between instigator and enabler. :D

It was great seeing you. See you again soon I'm sure.

5/2/05, 2:04 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

I've done yoga for many years but just this winter tried Bikram. I agree wholeheartedly..about the towels and feeling drained. I was a limp noodle for the rest of the day. How did Sarita fell invigorated?

5/3/05, 10:54 AM  

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